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Five Revolutionary Ideas that Make Parenting Less Stressful Reveals...

How does the way you think about parenting influence your experience and stress level?

  • Understandings that will help you relax and enjoy parenting more.

  • A new way of looking at your child's emotional life.

  • What causes parents to feel isolated, stressed, or overwhelmed.

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S. McCay

mother of twins

"Had anyone ever told me that a different approach to parenting would make being mom more fun and help me to stand up and take action in difficult situations confidently, securely, and bravely, I would have thought them joking. But this has been my experience."

A Mom

in San Jose, CA

"This has made me see there is a better, more loving way to parent that we can all learn, no matter how hard parenting feels of how difficult our own childhood was.”

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